Purchase Mortgages

Purchase Mortgages

Hoping to purchase a property and need a mortgage loan to do it? Buying a home is an exciting time – but it’s not without its stresses. And, whether you’re searching for your first flat, a forever home, or even buying a pied-à-terre in the city, the likelihood is that you’ll need a mortgage. At Articus Finance, we understand that navigating the world of purchase mortgages can be both exciting and overwhelming. As a leading Mortgage Broker company, we’re here to provide you with clarity and guidance.
Why Choose Articus Finance Over Going Directly to a Lender?
Choosing Articus Finance offers you access to our expertise, vast lender network, and personalized guidance. We act as your advocate, comparing multiple offers, negotiating on your behalf, and simplifying the complex mortgage journey. When it comes to purchase mortgages, Articus Finance is here to empower you with knowledge and provide you with top-notch mortgage brokerage services. Your dream home is just a step away, and we’re honoured to be a part of your homeownership journey. Contact us today for a consultation tailored to your needs.
Purchase mortgages over £1 million
Are you looking for a mortgage over £1 million pounds?                                                      Securing a million pound plus mortgage is certainly more challenging, as many high street lenders will cap their lending in this region. You may also struggle with finding a deal that offers the loan to value you’re searching for, or an appealing interest rate. However, whether you are looking for a purchase mortgage of £1 million, £10 million or even higher, rest assured that it is possible to secure this level of property financing – providing you have access to the right network of lenders and an intermediary who can negotiate on your behalf. At Articus, we have many years of experience in securing High- Net-Worth mortgages for clients from around the world.  Are you a client from overseas, seeking to make a purchase in the UK? Visit our pages dedicated to Foreign National and Expat services for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions

A purchase mortgage is a loan specifically designed to help you buy a property. 

At Articus Finance, we specialize in connecting you with the right lenders and mortgage options that suit your unique needs and financial situation. Our expert mortgage brokers walk you through the entire process, ensuring you make informed decisions.

When trying to access a mortgage from a high street lender, it is often focused solely on income alone. As a High-Net-Worth Individual, you may not have a ‘regular’ income or have adequate cash flow. Your worth may be tied into assets or be based upon your investments, shares or bonds. It is therefore more difficult to ‘prove’ your income and show that you have the means to repay the loan.

Consider this case in which Articus Finance has successfully secured a mortgage for the purchase of a second home for one of our High Net Worth clients.

Articus Finance works with High Net Worth clients from a range of different scenarios and jurisdictions. We understand, therefore, that you are likely to be looking for support in obtaining the mortgage that you need and tying all your assets together. We work for our clients, using a bespoke approach to ensure that we obtain the best mortgage for your needs. Get in touch today. 

Lenders consider several factors when approving a mortgage, including your credit score, income, employment history, debt-to-income ratio, and the property’s value.

A strong financial profile improves your chances of approval and favourable terms.

Articus Finance works closely with our clients to gather necessary documents, pre-qualify you, and guide you through the approval process, increasing your chances of a successful application.

Absolutely! Articus Finance takes pride in assisting first-time homebuyers. We guide you through the entire process, explaining terminology, offering insights, and providing support to ensure your first home purchase is a seamless experience.

Delve into a pair of case studies where Articus’ effective support in facilitating the purchase of a property in the UK for first-time buyers.

  1. Case Study – First Time UK Purchase for US National Residing in UAE
  2. Case Study –£1M UK Mortgage For First-Time Buyers Living In Hong Kong  

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Articus Finance is a boutique mortgage broker based in London,
we find creative solutions for High Net Worth individuals who require financing on their worldwide assets.

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Tafouse Raza

Client Services

Tafouse brings expertise from the prime London property market, excelling in client care. Dedicated to exceptional service, Tafouse goes above and beyond to meet your needs. Passionate about rugby, travel, and showjumping, his diverse interests reflect a commitment to excellence in every interaction.

Harry Lart

Mortgage Broker

Harry has over 16 years of experience within the Finance, Housing and Development sector. He started off his career as a CIMA Qualified Chartered Accountant and transitioned over to financial services in 2019. During this time he has dealt with a range of complex financial arrangements from ex pat mortgages to large development loans. Harry has a can do attitude and believes there’s a solution to every situation and will work tirelessly to ensure your deal crosses the line. In his spare time Harry likes to play poker, travel and try new cuisines.

Carolina Barreiros

Marketing Manager

Carolina is a multilingual Marketing Manager originally from Portugal. She specialises in International Marketing and Business, helping organisations expand their brand awareness globally over the last 4 years. Her past work includes supporting start-ups to multinational companies in the UK and across Europe. She is a creative and passionate individual, bringing a fresh perspective to the financial industry and delivering high quality research.

In her spare time, Carolina enjoys socialising & travelling around the world, embracing different cultures and experiences. 

Antonia Grieve

Office Manager

Antonia brings fantastic planning, organisational and time management skills to her role as office manager, ensuring that operations at Articus run smoothly. An experienced administrator with fantastic problem solving skills, Antonia began her career working in medical administration, so she is highly experienced working with confidential client data.

Jack Cuthbert

Client Services Executive

Jack comes from a background of delivering great customer service. He has worked in the property industry since 2016 and has solid knowledge of the property market, combined with a good knowledge of the mortgage industry. Jack is CeMap qualified and enjoys looking after his clients and building strong working relationships. Away from work, Jack spends most of his time travelling with friends, playing football and watching Charlton Athletic.

Matthew Currey

Case Manager

Matthew has experience working as a mortgage administrator and assisting with clients of any calibre. His main strength is his ability to develop a close relationship to his brokers and clients, allowing for a smooth transition throughout your mortgage journey, his friendly nature helps in making the process a lot less intimidating than it needs to be. Outside of work Matthew spends his time playing Chess and exploring the world with his Girlfriend.

Danny Doran

Business Development Manager

Danny started his career in financial services in 2005. He has developed an ability to build relationships and collaborate for success, through consistent communication, a holistic approach to deal building and an ability to swiftly problem solve. Danny has worked with Private and High Net Worth clients for over a decade and is driven by a strong, natural desire to ensure his clients and their businesses reach their full potential. As a property investor himself, he is well placed and experienced in all things property related. Outside of work, Danny has a keen interest in psychology, the outdoors and travelling.

Theo Osborn

Mortgage Broker

Theo started his journey in the specialist finance industry while working as a journalist at an industry trade magazine. During this time he amassed a great knowledge of mortgages, bridging, development and commercial funding and established a wealth of relationships in the industry. He transferred these skills and now specialises in assisting clients with their specialist finance requirements. Working alongside the CEO, Theo has learnt the nuances of ultra-complex transactions and knows how to most efficiently manage the funding process to completion. Theo aims to achieve the best solution for every client he deals with a particular focus on sourcing funding for developments and refurbishment.

Stefanos Petrou

Mortgage Broker

Stefanos started in financial services in 2013 managing clients across central London. Consistently providing a high level of thorough service. Prioritising communication, research, and innovation in order to meet his clients complex goals. Stefanos strengths lie in maintaining long standing relationships and being by his clients side throughout the process. Outside of work Stefanos enjoys spending time with his friends and family, unless of course Arsenal F.C are playing.

Dino Lazarides

Mortgage Broker

With over 20 years of financial services experience Dino is an accomplished mortgage adviser who relishes the more complex cases, enjoys a challenge and always does everything he can to ensure his clients not only get the result they need but to achieve their property goals.   A fully qualified financial adviser Dino quickly realised that property and mortgages were his passion and over the years gained his experience helping investors build their property portfolios.  When not working Dino enjoys spending time with his family, loves modern and classic performance cars, popular culture, technology, mountain biking and is a supporter of West Ham United.

William Gleeson

Mortgage Broker

William started in financial services 2014 arranging finance for HNW clients and their families. One of his main strengths is building deep, long standing relationships with his clients, which enables him to fully understand their needs and tailor solutions to fit each client individually. William has relationships with a variety of lenders ranging from international private banks to some of the largest lenders within the UK. Outside of work, William enjoys spending time with his young family and is an avid rugby player.

Steven Boyde

Mortgage Broker

Steven started working across London’s property and financial services market in 2007. He specialises in development, bridging and commercial finance and has completed many multi-million transactions. Steven believes in customer focused relationships and has many clients who have been with him for years. Away from work, Steven spends most of his time with his two children and wife, on the golf course or watching Plymouth Argyle.

Samuel Asante

Mortgage Broker

Whether you require access to bespoke funding, or need to fund a project of any scale, Samuel will always find a solution to meet the requirements of any client. No matter how complex your case is, through his innovative and determined nature, he can find a structure to finance a client’s plans. As a trained martial artist, Samuel’s passion and confidence carries over into the workplace, and you can expect a clear and concise transaction journey from start to finish.

Jason Hunt

Mortgage Broker

Jason started in 2012 in financial services working across London’s property and financial services markets for HNW individuals. He is able to construct tailor-made solutions to suit his client’s needs, no matter how complicated. He has completed multi-million pound residential, buy to let and commercial developments across the UK. Jason is a confident and motivated individual whom takes pride in offering an exceptional and professional level of service to all of his clients. Outside of work he enjoys hiking, cycling and traveling the world with his sights set on Base Camp Everest.

Assad Younis

Mortgage Broker

Assad prides himself on being open minded and thinking outside the box. Through a personalised approach and consistent communication; Assad’s strong relationships with specialist lenders gives him the ability to reach the ideal outcome for his clients. With a particular strength in dealing with foreign nationals and ex-pats he approaches his clients with a can-do attitude. His attention to detail allows him to actively support his clients and build a long-term relationship by giving a truly tailored approach.  Outside of work, Assad is a keen explorer and foodie, regularly travelling to remote destinations and testing out the local cuisines.

Shyan Zubair

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Shyan is a global businessman with keen commercial acumen and a deep understanding of the UK property market. Following the successful completion of an undergraduate and postgraduate degree in Mathematics from King’s College London, Shyan has held a range of highly strategic roles, with a focus on UK property investment – meaning he is well versed in the world of HNW property finance. Not only is he an experienced UK landlord, he has an impressive history in the world of property trading, and has played a pivotal role in the completion of a number of large scale development projects with values up to £30 million.

Oliver Hines-Lloyd

Co-Founder & CEO

Ollie entered the world of high net worth mortgages after living in Geneva, where he provided tailored financial advice to private clients. This experience shaped his career trajectory, giving him first-hand experience in understanding and communicating the benefits of financial advice – all while developing the ability to build exceptional client relationships. Following this, Ollie moved back to London where he began specialising in mortgages. His drive, ambition and natural flair for anticipating the needs of his clients led him to progress quickly from Client Services to broker, where he honed his skillset after passing his CeMap exams. Outside of work, Ollie is an avid traveller – and an equally keen supporter of his local club, Fulham FC.

Antonio Michael

Co-Founder & CEO

Antonio has over a decade’s experience arranging and negotiating mortgage finance for some of the UK property market’s most complex transactions. During his career, he has worked at some of the UK’s most prestigious mortgage brokerages, as well as the fast-paced world of currency broking. As a result, he has a wealth of relevant experience in handling complicated cases, like clients buying properties through trusts. Crucially, Antonio has developed an almost unparalleled network of close industry relationships. This enables him to navigate challenging situations with ease, and he relishes taking on cases that have struggled to progress elsewhere and seeing them through to completion.

Antonio Michael

Co-Founder & CEO

Antonio started in financial services in 2006, arranging and negotiating mortgage finance for some of the UK property market’s most complex transactions. During his career, he has worked at some of the UK’s most prestigious mortgage brokerages, as well as the fast-paced world of currency broking.

As a result, he has a wealth of relevant experience in handling complicated cases, like clients buying properties through trusts. Crucially, Antonio has developed an almost unparalleled network of close industry relationships. This enables him to navigate challenging situations with ease, and he relishes taking on cases that have struggled to progress elsewhere and seeing them through to completion.